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321 Kiteboarding's Team Jumpoff Competition. Who can jump the highest in Cocoa beach...and bring their friends with them?
Woo Sports and 321 Kiteboarding have joined forces to bring you the first Team Big Air Competition open to all kitesurfers!
The competition will be measured using the new WOO.
321 Kiteboarding will have demo Woo devices and Demo Boards already mounted up. If you have your own WOO, you are welcome to enter as well.
Kiteboarder Jumping
-1 member must reside in Florida
- No more than 5 team members total
-Once you post team members, there can be no substitution. You do not need to have 5 people however and can add more (up to 5) at any time.
-To register your team, post in the event page your team name and team members. To add more team members at a later date simply find your team registration post and add team members to the comments.
Rules are as follows:
- From the WOO app tag your sessions with the hashtag #321teamjumpoff and your registered (with us) team name (example #airgals) You must have both tags to qualify the session. No limits to attempts
- At least one member of the team must reside in Florida.
- Start date: Friday April 15th 2016
- End date: Sunday May 15th 2016
321 Kiteboarding Shop will have a "Top Gear" style leaderboard and will post weekly leaderboards here on the Facebook page.
$125 Team Prize for team with highest Average total height.
(More Prizes to be announced)

It's that time of year again.  Spring is in the air and everything seems possible.  This is our favorite outdoor water time because the wind is still blowing and the air is dry.  Not to mention it's bikini weather and we worked hard all winter to get rid of our muffin tops! So what better way to kick the season off than with a Digital Easter Egg Hunt. This contest will run from Now to April 11th 2015.  

You are gonna crack up while playing this game, so share it now before you peep your pants.  321 Easter Egg Hunt

So without further fanfare, here are the top 3 reasons why you will want to dig in and find the clues.

#3. It's Easter, this is fun

#2. You will have a chance to win 1 of 2 Dynabar V8 XT sliding spreader bars that we are giving away

#1. CASH! Lots of 321 Kiteboarding Cash

 How Do I Play?

-This is a digital Easter egg hunt, so find the clues and solve the riddles.  There will be 7 hidden "Easter Eggs"  that look like this: .  Each one will have a riddle that leads you to the next Easter Egg. Some Eggs will have instant prizes, so find them ALL!

-Once you solve all of the Easter eggs, it will lead you to the final destination where you will receive instructions on how to complete the challenge and claim your treats.

-So go find your first egg. Hint: Use whatever means necessary, Google, your Mom, Tarot Cards etc.
Solve: Find information about the Rider who started the first kite school in Cocoa Beach, by the way that's 321 Kiteboarding & Watersports.  (Careful, he has grown a bit wild over the years)



*Legal Stuff

All website rules and exclusions apply.  We reserve the right to cancel or modify Easter egg hunt rules/prizes/gifts at any time.  We absolutely don't take responsibility for any typo's, errors in judgement or plain ole mistakes.  No refunds or returns on gift items.