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Is Kitesurfing Better Than Surfing?

Is Kitesurfing Better Than Surfing?

June 19, 2015

Many of us discovered Kitesurfing while sitting in a lineup of other surfers. The kitesurfers were blazing by, catching waves, catching air, and having a blast. Surfing is great, but the crowds, the wait, the waves and the conditions and finding the perfect surf spot can become a full time job with no sure return on your time investment. We have to keep a close watch on swell reports, get up early, and sometimes travel a long distance in hopes of getting the best waves. 

Why, then, do we continue to repeat this cycle of madness?  We surf for for the quiet, peaceful calm that overcomes us as we sit waist deep in ocean water. The pure beauty of it; to feel alive and at one with the earth is a beautiful thing. The opportunity, even if for a brief moment, to harness the power of Mother Nature is exhilarating and intoxicating. 

Read on and find out how to maximize your time on the waves with the worlds best cross over sport.


"Patagonia ambassador Reo Stevens gives us an in depth look into making the most out of marginal conditions. Kitesurfing is not a replacement for surfing, simply an extension of it; the conditions for one are only ideal when they are not for the other. By using the kite as a means to harness one of surfing's imperfections, surfers can increase their water time and maximize their wave count."

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