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Beaches and Watersports in Florida

December 03, 2015

We really love where we live and were honored to be able to spread a bit of our excitement with Tamara Del Pino Lison of bestattravel.co.uk  Make sure to read the full article and see how great our state is! 

Cocoa Beach

Kiteboarding at Cocoa Beach, Florida

Perched at the edge of the idyllic beach town of the same name, Cocoa Beach is a holiday paradise set in the heart of Florida's Space Coast. Just an hour's drive east of Orlando, it offers some of the state's finest surfing and fishing spots – as well as all the attractions, amenities and breathtaking beauty spots you'd expect from a vibrant beach town.

Kite boarding has grown increasingly popular in recent years, so why not head along to 321 Kite Boarding for lessons and equipment rental? Fully qualified instructors are on hand to take you through the basics, regardless of your experience – with the flat, shallow waters of Cocoa Beach making the ideal learning environment. ....Read Full Article Here

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