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Why Cocoa Beach kiteboarding downwinders are the best

Why Cocoa Beach kiteboarding downwinders are the best

November 10, 2016


Why are kiteboarders in Cocoa Beach always smiling?  It is simple.  In addition to being the home of Kelly Slater (11 time World Champion surfer), we have an incredible city bus system.  Why go through the hassle of organizing and dropping off a car downwind when you can have the convenience of a chauffeured ride back to your starting point?

The Cocoa Beach TROLLEY SYSTEM for kiteboarding downwinders:

 The SCAT/Trolley buses run seven days a week and take you to most destinations in the area.  The trolley service runs Monday through Saturday from 7:00am to 9:00pm and on Sunday from 8:00am to 5:00pm from Port Canaveral to 13th Street in Cocoa Beach. All trolley stops have pickups every half hour on the weekdays including Saturday and every hour on Sunday and holidays.  There are many bus stops along A1A, but keep an eye out, most of them are simple sign posts near the sidewalk and not full on sheltered stops.  For more information visit http://www.ridescat.com/transit/fares/ or call (321) 633-1878.

The schedule and map at the S.C.A.T. (Space Coast Area Transit) website show the #9 route that extends from the south side of the port (which include the restaurant area and the casino boat, but not the main cruise terminals on the north side of the port) on the north, down through all the beach areas and then through downtown Cocoa Beach. It ends exactly on 13th Street South, where it continues back North towards our shop.  It does also link with another bus at 13th Street South that continues south along the beaches into Melbourne.


The #9 bus, which is dressed up as a green trolley, also connects with other buses at the intersection of A1A  and SR520 (Cocoa Beach Causeway), which goes west past the shopping mall and onto the mainland at Cocoa, where there are further connections. On a Southerly wind, this is a good place to end your downwinder and head back to your starting point or stop by 321 Kiteboarding which is just to the West on the opposite side of A1A.   

Requirements and things to know:

  • $1.50 for bus fare.  Coins work better, but dollars don't take long to dry out.  
  • Have exact fare, ticket or pass ready prior to 
    boarding the bus. Drivers cannot make change.
  • Leave seats near the front for elderly or disabled 
    riders, moving promptly to the next available 
  • All buses are equipped with bike racks. 
    Surfboards and bikes are permitted inside the 
    bus when space is available.
  • Proper attire is needed to board. Shirts and 
    shoes are required. Bathing suits, except board 
    shorts, must be covered. (we recommend surf booties as they are simple to wear or easy to fold up if you simply want to carry them with you.)  We have been known to bring "sock" style booties and simply put them in our board short pockets until we need them.

Just remember, it's easy and convenient.  Ask the driver where they are going if you have questions and you will be alright.  See you on the water!

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