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2016 Ride Engine Hex-Core Harness

 Ride Engine Harness Review


The Team at 321 Kiteboarding are specialists when it comes to sliding spreader bars.  We also are very picky when it comes to what brands of harnesses we ride.  This is where Ride Engine comes in.  They have definitely stumbled on some secret sauce in concocting their very customized feeling harness. In fact, we suspect that there was very specific, scientific calculations made to create these unique kiteboarding harnesses.  Sure to please most body types, the Ride Engine harness comes ready to accept either a very familiar fixed hook attachment or a sliding attachment.

Ride Engine’s Armor harness features a revolutionary design that will forever change expectations of how a kiteboarding harness should look, feel and perform. The core of the Armor is an ergonomic hard shell designed around hundreds of precision molds and contoured to distribute load evenly across the lumbar and hips and lock the harness low on your back where it’s supposed to be. The result is a low-profile, form-fitting harness that will dramatically improve your entire kiteboarding experience.

The Hex-core harness is made from our Hex Honeycomb Core technology and is the most flexible of our three models, making it a bit more forgiving and universally fitting. Don’t let that description fool you though; this is still a rigid, form fitting harness that will to lock firmly in place like no other.

Harness Only: Choose bar option.


Industry’s first hard shell harness, the Armor is light, strong and ergonomically contoured. Load is distributed seamlessly from the spreader bar to the armor shell, preventing harness from buckling or pinching.


Modeled from hundreds of custom body molds, the harness shell conforms to the contours of a rider’s back for a precision ergonomic fit.


Harness conforms to lumbar, back and sides to lock securely in place. Harness won’t slide from side to side or ride up.


Hard-shell core allows for low-profile design, reducing weight and bulk and giving riders more mobility with less restrictions.


Soft foam core conforms to the shape of your torso for ultimate comfort and hold.


Comfort and security join forces with the Alliance Belt, which conjoins the harness’s elastic waist belt and cushioned spreader bar pad, resulting in a unified belt that stays tight and keeps the spreader bar down low where it’s supposed to be.


Recommended for the Hex Core harness is a metal spreader bar, rope and pad system that connects directly with the rider’s chicken loop and allows full range of motion between kite and rider.
*slider bar sold seperately


Spreader bar attached with a lightweight loop for a simple, quick and effortless entry and exit.

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