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Wizmount designed for maximum comfort and stability, the CU2Pack delivers amazing POV shots unlike those from any other mounting system, shots that Get You in the Action. The WizMount CU2Pack is ideal for High-Impact or Extreme action sportslike Kitesurfing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Windsurfing, Moto-cross, Mountain biking, etc.

This backpack system adjusts to any position and holds your camera securely at any angle. Set up is fast and simple. The complete kit fits within the backpack, which can also hold your water, keys, phone, and other equipment. Top-rated safety – adjustable Safety Torque® clamping mechanisms withstand the most extreme maneuvers, yet allow Wizmount poles to slide, increasing shock-resistance and minimizing damage upon strong impact.

Strap on the CU2pack and get in the picture with all the action — even the most extreme maneuvers and conditions. - See more at: http://www.wizmount.com/products/cu2pack/#sthash.n0oQ5jjW.dpuf
Strap it on and get in the picture with all the action — even the most extreme maneuvers and conditions.

The patent-pending CU2Pack is a complete backpack mount system that includes

  • Custom-made backpack with roomy storage compartments and a special holding mechanism for the ergonomic shock-absorbent base plate
  • Ergonomic shock -absorbent base plate – rigid yet light and designed for maximum comfort
  • 4 Wizmount aluminum-alloy boom poles
  • 3 Safety Torque® adjustable joints featuring Up/Down, Left/Right and Forward/Backward adjustment
  • Telescopic mechanism for distance adjustment and easy packing
  • Three-way camera mount assembly including two CNC-machined aluminum-alloy mounts delivering optimal viewing angles for GoPro and other cameras
  • Modular design – Can be used without the pack as a CU2Pole (with Pack to Pole upgrade kit) or mounted as a CU2rack (with Pack to Rack upgrade kit)