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2016 Ion Gear Tec Board Bag

Ion Gear Tec 1/3 Golf Bag:
This board bag will fit one twintip board and 3 kites. The max board size is 145 x 45 cm.  The bag itself measure 148 x 47 x 38cm. This golf bag has wheels and is reinforced in tarpaulin areas.


Ion Gear Tec 2/4 Golf Bag:

This board bag will fit up two boards and four kites with the largest board up to 165 x 48cm board. The outside measures 168 x 50 x 40 cm. 

Ion Gear Tec Wake:

This bag can work as both a kite or wake board bag. It will fit boards and has a separate compartment for helmets, wet suits, fins and lots more. It will fit up to a max board size 160 x 43cm. 

Ion Gear Tec Travel :

This bag is great for surf boards. It will fit up to a 6'8 board and has enough space for raceboards and 3 or 4 kites. It even has speical reail protection for surfboards! The Ion Gear Tec Travel bag comes in to sizes, the 6'0 (max. boardsize 186 × 53 cm) (bag outside 190 × 55 × 35 cm) and the 6'8 (max. boardsize 205 x 69 cm) (bag outside 208 x 72 x 35 cm)