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WOO 3.0


Have you ever gotten such big air that you knew NO ONE would believe you unless you had some way to prove it? Thankfully there's the latest edition of the WOO, a revolutionary way to keep the competitive spirit alive among you and your fellow kiteboarders, wakeboarders, or snowboarders! Just clip it onto your board and the WOO 3.0 records every single jump you take, while keeping track of the height as well as total number of jumps for your session. As your riding improves, so do your stats! 

In addition to Big Air Mode, the latest version of WOO supports FreeStyle Mode as well, which utilizes artificial intelligence to detect when you bust out your tricks. Check out your own personal Tricktionary under your profile and see how many you can check off your list! 

WOO connects riders all over the world, and is a social platform to help you keep in touch with your friends near and far. You can use it to challenge your friends, keep in touch from long distances, or to push yourself to set new personal records.