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 Whether you want to fly a kite for the first time, having trouble staying upwind, or are an experienced kiteboarder looking for new moves, our IKO  and PASA certified experts have a program ready for you. 
 Beginner lessons are in flat, shallow parts of the water, giving you the chance to feel the waves under your feet and wind rushing through your hair while learning safely at your own pace. We use kites designed specifically for learning, made with quality materials that will keep new students safe and allow experienced kiteboarders to fly through the water in ways they've never imagined.
 Our classes are based in several locations throughout Brevard County, Florida, including Titusville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne. We also offer lessons in wave riding at our Cocoa Beach location.
 We are now offering our initial course for only $39! This course is normally $225, and if a discount this deep doesn’t already have you thinking about starting your kiteboarding adventure, you should probably go back and read those numbers, or just read some of the reviews our students have left after one of our exhilarating sessions.
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Why learn how to kitesurf in Cocoa Beach Florida?
Taking kiteboarding lessons in Florida's shallow, flat water makes it faster to learn. Not to mention it's about the warmest spot you can find in the U.S. We understand that you may be planning to learn during a family vacation and Cocoa Beach provides lots for the family to do. With world famous Kennedy Space Center mere miles away and some of the best beaches in the world, everyone can find something to do while you are enjoying your lessons. Plan your kiteboarding vacation in Cocoa Beach here.
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