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Kiteboarding Lesson 201 "Get Wet"

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This is our "GET WET" course.
You’re serious about kiting and so are we. Receive a total of 3 hours of private instruction with this Intensive Kite Lesson. If you didn't have a chance to take Kiteboarding 101 or one of our popular group Ground Courses, don't worry. All of our lessons here at the 321 Kiteboarding Lesson Center are "advanced". That just means that we move at your pace. You aren't a robot, so we won't teach you like one. Make your friends envious and leave as an IKO certified kiteboarder ready for your own gear. You’ll be glad you did!

Some of the thing you will learn:

  • Wind Theory and General Safety
  • Kiteboarding Gear Setup
  • Water Launching, Self Launch, and Assisted Launch
  • 4 Line Kite Handling and Water Safety
  • You Will Use the Kite to Propel Yourself Through The water with Body Drags
  • Downwind Body Drag
  • Upwind Body Drag

Because these are taught at "your pace" some people may get as far as their first water start attempts with a board.  Kite handling is THE most important part of your first lessons.  Riding on a board will be much easier if your kite skills are mastered first and that is our goal with this initial course.

Whats Included?

  • Private Instructor (Please return them after the lesson)
  • Complete Gear Rental 
  • Post Lesson Review
  • IKO Certification (Level will be based on progress)
  • The Time Of Your Life

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