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Kiteboarding Lesson 5 hour "Get up Stand up"

"Lessons starting at $100 an hour"
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This is our "GET UP STAND UP" course. With this course you will receive a total of 5 hours of instruction with this Intensive Kite Lesson.  It covers everything you need to know. There are no pre-requisite courses needed. In addition to everything that is covered in Kiteboarding Lesson 201 "Get Wet" you will learn these additional skills: 

    If you didn't have a chance to take Kiteboarding 101 or our popular group Ground Course, don't worry. All of our lessons here at the 321 Kiteboarding Lesson Center are "advanced". That simply means that we move at your pace.

    You aren't a robot, so we won't teach you like one. With this course covering the skills of Kiteboarding 101 and 201 will all be included. You can even take lessons with a friend. We will discount the rate! Make all your friends who haven't taken lessons yet envious and leave as a self-sufficient kiter ready for Hawaii. You’ll be glad you did!


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