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Beast Mount Kite Line Mount


The newest and best kite mount out there today!
No rubber bands, no shaky shots, your 4line safety actually works and super fast and easy to attach to your kite lines!

Works great for any action camera including GoPro Hero 5, Hero 4, Hero 3 and earlier.

You simply wrap your powerlines in the mount (be careful to use the correct lines). Your safety line goes in the arm without the GoPro mount.

To install, simply wrap your center like around the arms of the mount, making sure the fixed center line goes through the arm of the mount with the camera while the line your kite flags out on goes through the arm of the mount without the camera. The mount is held in position by line tension and the internal routing of the arms allows the safety line to slide through the mount if the kite safety is released.


  • Beastmount Kite Line Mount
  • GoPro screw

Beast Mount Kite Line Mountbeastmount kite line mount