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Sensei Trainer Kite


The Sensei Trainer has been updated for better longevity with higher-stretch quality nylon.

The Sensei is the first ever two line relaunchable trainer kite.  Just pull on one line and the Sensei pops off the ground and easily relaunches.  The most stable & smooth trainer out there!!  Named kite of the year by kiteworld magazine, this kite is truly revolutionary.  Pair with a longboard skateboard or mountainboard to have some fun when winds are too light to kitesurf.  Comes complete with bag, bar, handle, and lines Ready To Fly!!!!!  The kite has self-cleaning vents so any sand that gets in it will automatically be dumped out. Strategically positioned internal baffle vents evenly distribute pressure throughout the kite, making it the most durable trainer available. 
The kites come in true 2 meter and 3 meter sizes. 

Package Includes
-Sensei Kite, bag, bar and lines 
-All 3m come with wrist leash.  Simply drop bar if kite is about to crash to prevent damage. 

What is the difference between the 2m and 3m Sensei?
The main difference you will notice between the 2m and 3m is the amount of pull the kite generates, and turning speed.  The 3m will turn slightly slower and develop quite a bit more power.  For using with a skateboard, the 3m is the way to go for most people in normal wind conditions.  The main advantage of a 2m is it can handle more abuse than the 3m because of a lower amount of pressure build up in a smaller sail. 

Use of a kite as a power source comes with the inherent probability of crashing it.  That's why they are provided with a wrist leash. You MUST USE the wrist leash every time you fly the kite to have the ability of letting go of the bar and effectively "de-powering" or "killing" the kite in the event of an inevitable crash. If you feel out of control or the kite as about to crash and there is no control or time for recourse, LET GO OF THE BAR WITH BOTH HANDS and it will instantly lose all power and extend the life of the kite. The wrist leash will keep it attached to you so it doesn't fly away, and it allows you to easily get the bar back in hand without bending down or chasing the kite so you can relaunch the kite. Also, NEVER USE the kite in more than ~18-20 miles per hour (15-17 knots).