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Duotone Click Bar Lines


All kite lines can break, here is where you can replace them.

These lines are compatible for all Click bar lines from 2017-2021 from North Kiteboarding and Duotone Kiteboarding.

Duotone has made their lines adjustable due to how lines can shrink. This product can fix small line length changes but if you are looking to make your 22m lines into 24m lines you need kite extension lines.

Pair of adjustable Upper Front Lines (Click Bar)
SKU: 44900-8156
Pair of adjustable Back Lines (5th/QC/WSB/Click/Foil)
SKU: 44900-8155
Delivered without Extension Lines
Pair of Lower Front Lines (Click Bar)
SKU: 44900-8157
Line Set (Click Bar)
SKU: 44900-8167