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Do you really need a trainer kite?

Yes, of course, practicing with a much more manageable kite under simpler conditions will always make your entry into this awesome sport easier. It will also save you money and time.  They help you progress and learn  faster, safer,  more economically!

Practicing with your own Trainer-Kite before, between, or after lessons  is the best way to learn. 

Private kite instruction can cost anywhere from $50-100 per hour.  You can hone and improve your skills on your own time which will better prepare you to shine when it comes time for your very first water lesson.

We find that students who spend even a few hours on a trainer kite cut their learning time in HALF when we take them on the water for a private lesson.  When you consider what that saves, a trainer kite literally pays for itself.

 Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

What do I do with the trainer kite after I'm done with lessons and have become a superstar kiteboarder?

Well that’s easy!

  1. Trade it in for a credit on new gear at 321 Kiteboarding & Watersports
  2. Keep in in your car, your friends will be envious of your stylish moves and want to try for themselves.  (let them use your trainer, not your new kite gear)
  3. Teach your friends and family how to fly the trainer kite.  They will love you for it