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CrazyFly Rookie Trainer Kite


The Rookie Trainer kite is our favorite kite to use for teaching. Being able to relaunch after a crash saves time and effort, and we are amazed at what these kites can hold up too. The 3M also works great as a inexpensive kite to use with a mountainboard or skateboard because of its smooth power generation and amazing stability. The Rookie is truly the best trainer available on the market.

CrazyFly Rookie Trainer Kite

The Rookie trainer kite is the perfect trainer kite to get started in kiteboarding or traction kiting. This smaller kite and two-line control bar will teach you basic kite handling skills and also about the wind before you move up to a full-sized water, snow, or land kite. Trainer kites are fun and easy for anyone to fly. Take one to the park or beach with your family and friends or tow yourself down the sidewalk or in a parking lot on a skateboard. When the winds pick up a bit, trainer kites can deliver impressive speed and enough power to pull you down the beach.

The Rookie Trainer kites come in true 2 meter and 3 meter sizes.

  • Rookie Trainer Kite
  • Control Bar w/ heavy duty lines and wrist leash
  • Trainer Kite Bag