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Used Core GTS3 15m

This kite is in good condition. It does have a couple small pinhole repairs that have been patched. If you need a bar let us know! We've got you covered!

The GTS3 Lightwind gives a playful and freestyle type ride. The Lightwind is not just a scaled up version of the GTS3 and although the kite has been designed around the light weight three strut chassis and technology of its smaller siblings, there are fundamental changes, such as a lower profile, rounder tips, thinner tubing and the use of  CORE's patented lightweight material CoreTex® Light.

In light winds, every gram of weight counts. The 3-strut design has distinct advantages. With two less struts it makes the kite not only lighter but gives greater flexibility, which in turn allows for a quicker rider  to kite response. An important feature for the larger lightwind kites.

Core's patented aerodynamic fabric 'CoreTex®' has been redesigned specially in a light weight version. This makes the GTS3 LW extremely lightweight, without compromising durability. The high-tech fabric is manufactured to a strict production technique, using a special three layer coating which ensures UV protection, strength and ultimate durability.