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Used Core Riot XR 10m with bar

The Core riot is a great beginner to advanced level kite. With its delta/bow shape the kite is easy to relaunch and lofty to jump. It has five struts which make it stable in the gust. This kite comes with a Core Sensor bar with Q-power lines.  

Q-Line from PowerLine Sports is a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to Q-PowerLine.Q-Line is made from 100% Spectra fiber, utilizing standard hollow braid construction techniques. The braid angle is optimized for maximum strength and minimum stretch. Q-Line is available in bulk spools in standard white, Hi-Visibility Yellow and Hi-Visibility Orange. Q-Line utilizes the same dyeing technique as Q-PowerLine, ensuring a high safety factor with good visibility in the water and the air. As with all standard braid structuresQ-Line is normally sleeved at the loop ends to provide additional strength. However Q-Line is under-rated by approximately 15% and many flyers find this additional strength sufficient not to require sleeving.