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Kiteboarding Lessons

Don't just start kiteboarding, become a kiteboarder.

At 321 Kiteboarding, we tailor each kitesurfing lesson to the individual.  Prior to the first lesson, a professional instructor will hold a consultation with you to assess where to begin. (Don't stress, this is just a conversation, we love to talk kiteboarding and this will let us know how best to help you learn.) Lessons move at a pace specific for each student.  You will learn to kite in flat water that is shallow for miles. You won't need to bring anything other than a swimsuit and a smile.

Get Started On The Water

(Whats Included paragraph) Our comprehensive instructional methods by professional instructors are designed to make YOU a safer, more independent and more confident kitesurfer..  Kiteboarding doesn't have to be hard, you aren't a robot and we won't teach you like one.  Let us show you how simple this amazing sport can be to learn.  One simple lesson plan, no need for multiple different courses, we can start you right on the water and get you progressing in no time.

Gear Setup
Go over the basics of setting up your kiteboarding gear for the lesson and conditions for your current session.
Safety / Safely
Know the safety aspects of your kite gear before getting on the water and during a session to prepare for any situation.
Kite Handling
Learn how to control your kite, from getting to the water, off the water, as well as the drills to get up on the board.
Body Dragging
Upwind and Downwind body drags allow you to feel the power of your kite while letting you navigate around the water.

Beginner Lessons

Board Riding

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