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Launch Area-
South 5th street has miles of wide sandy beach.  No posted Lifeguard stations make the entire area accessible and unrestricted for kiteboarding.  This is a locals spot, so finding a helping hand to launch or land your kite is an easy task.

Wind Direction-
Any wind with an Easterly component including North and South winds will reward you with a great ocean kiteboarding session.  Northeast and Southeast are the preferred wind directions for wave riding.

Sandy beach break with surf ranging from knee high to well over head high at times. Lack of large crowds and reasonable surf conditions make this a good spot for beginners through advanced riders.

Safety and Rules-
Open riding area and beach launch due to no posted swimming areas.  This is a residential part of the beach and is lined with houses and beautiful beach dunes.  The dunes are protected along with the Sea Oats on them, so watch your lines and kites so you don't damage the landscape. Ample beach access and paid parking on every street.