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Wind Direction

East, South East, South

The best wind for Kelly Park is a South East.  This is onshore to cross-onshore wind and is usually much stronger than the winds you will find on the beach (ocean). 

Launch Area

The Launch area is a large grassy field adjacent to the parking lot. This opens up the opportunity for all kinds of assisted launches (from your bumper, friend or sandbag).  You then need to carefully walk down the edge of the parking lot and out of the non-motorized launch area.  There is also a small grassy beach area but only use this for pre depositing your board. 

There is also a small grassy beach area but only use this for pre depositing your board. Do not launch from here, this is where the windsurfers set up (give them their space).

Riding Area

This is the Banana River, so there is plenty of shallow water.  Because of the proximity to boat launches, there is also quite a bit of usable depth for hydrofoil boards.

Water Conditions

The Banana River has an average depth of 3 feet. The entire riding area is waist to chest high.  Kelly Park is an ideal area to Hydrofoil with a bit more depth than most other launch areas.  The river (lagoon actually) bottom is mostly sandy/muddy with no oyster beds or large underwater hazards. Water shoes are highly recommended, though, as there are small objects that can cause cuts if not careful.  The water temperature is usually warmer than the air due to its shallow nature.  

Safety and Rules

Due to the boat launch, keep a watchful eye out for boat traffic.  Close to shore shore boats are required to travel at no wake speed, but near the causeway bridge (middle of the river) boats can travel at full speed.

This is a mixed-use area so be courteous to kayakers, windsurfers and recreational boaters.  All watersports activities are allowed from this public park.