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Wind Direction

West, South West (can work on a NW or WNW).

This is your West wind launch area! In the Cocoa Beach /  Cape Canaveral area, we can ride in any wind direction and the West winds will reward you with a great flat water experience.

Launch Area

Banana River park has plenty of launch space with a
full-size soccer field and grassy recreation area.  Grab an assisted launch or advanced riders can self-launch and then simply walk down the pathway to the water. 

Manatee park was the original kiteboard launch area, but due to the beautification of the park, there are too many obstacles to get in the way of a safe launch and landing.  This is a great family park with facilities and a beautiful walkway to watch Manatee's frolicking.  There is also a great view of the kiteboarders flying by. For kiteboarding, Banana River park is just a few hundred feet to the North.

Riding Area

You can kite the entire river.  From shore to the middle of the Banana River is about 2 miles.  There is a sandbar about 300 yards off the shoreline that eliminates the chop and give you plenty of glassy smooth water.

Water Conditions

The Banana River has an average depth of 3 feet. The entire riding area (approximately 3-4sq miles) is knee to waist high. The river (lagoon actually) bottom is mostly sandy/muddy with no oyster beds or large underwater hazards. Water shoes are highly recommended, though, as there are small objects that can cause cuts if not careful.
The water temperature is usually warmer than the air due to its shallow nature.  

Safety and Rules

Be smart and watch out for crowds.  Soccer season starts in March, so there may be practices on the field, use the alternate grassy area.  Mangroves line the Banana River Lagoon and are Federally protected. DO NOT cut, alter or destroy plants!