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Constitution Bicentennial Park     
(The 520 Slick) info

Wind Direction-
Beginner/Intermediate riders- (North, East, West, North East, North West only.
Advanced riders and Students with instructors- ANY wind direction (avoid South winds)

The best winds for the 520 Slick are a N or NNW.  This direction allows you to ride parallel to the mangrove trees and causeway, gliding over butter flat water.  This makes it perfect for perfecting those freestyle tricks.  Further West toward the bridge is a great spot for using Hydrofoils.  NE winds can be a bit gusty and you fill find that most people head to the beach to enjoy a downwinder.

Launch Area-
The launch area is located directly on the West side of the parking lot. There is plenty of room to set up kites. The launch is mostly grass and sand but does tend to get muddy directly after a rain. ALL launch and landing should be done in the shallows on the South side of the highway, not on land.

Launch Difficulty- 3

Riding Area-
The riding area is roughly 3 square miles and starts just South of the parking lot.  It is all between 1-3 feet deep with the exception of the boat channel that runs East to West from the mainland to the causeway bridge. and a small section that is affectionately known as "The Black Hole".  It is about the size of a soccer field just off the boat channel and is the only other deep spot.  

Water Conditions- 
The Banana River has an average depth of 3 feet. The entire riding area (approximately 3-4sq miles) is knee to waist high. The river (lagoon actually) bottom is mostly sandy/muddy with no oyster beds or large underwater hazards. Water shoes are highly recommended, though, as there are small objects that can cause cuts if not careful.
The water temperature is usually warmer than the air due to its shallow nature.  

Safety and Rules-
This is an environmentally sensitive area, so no driving or parking on the grass. There are plenty of parking spaces available along with a boat launch. Mangroves line the Banana River Lagoon and are Federally protected. DO NOT cut, alter or destroy plants!