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  • Do I need to know how to swim?
    Yes, of course. Floaties will inhibit your movement and the fitting of your gear. 

    Is it hard to learn kiteboarding?
    Yes, and no.  It depends on your coordination. Everyone can do it, but some will pick it up faster than others. With proper training you'll learn much faster.

    Do I need to be strong to hold the kite?
    No, you are hooked into the kite with a harness. You can fly the kite with one hand.

    Should I buy kiteboarding equipment before I come?
    Absolutely not. We know how excited you are, but don't make the mistake many do of buying the wrong equipment. Part of your training will be to choose the proper equipment tailored for your body, skill, riding conditions and needs. 

    Do I need to take lessons to kiteboard?
    Absolutely. This is crucial. Please see Why take lessons?

    Why should I choose 321 Kiteboarding school?
    We are a professional kiteboarding school with insured and certified professional kiteboarding instructors. 
    You can go home certified. We have experience teaching all types of learners and our teaching style is patient, interactive, engaging and fun. We teach in only the safest and easiest places for students to learn and we are the only school in the area that follows you in watercraft. We will make your experience fun and exciting while teaching you all of the necessary skills and safety. We have an excellent reputation among the kiteboarding community. We offer are the best value and will never take advantage of you. We love happy kiteboarders, not broken kiteboarders.

    Will I be alone out on the water? I am kind of nervous?
    No, your instructor will be following you on a Personal Watercraft (jet ski), guiding you through your every move. We use 2 way communication head sets as well.  You are in constant communication with your instructor.  This is the safest and fastest way to learn and we are the only school in the area that does this for you.

    Can I bring my boyfriend, wife, pet squirrel to my lesson?  
    Sure! Your guest can watch you from the shore and take pictures and video of your action-packed lesson. They may be envious, however, and decide to participate, so you might consider purchasing a gift certificate for them ahead of time. If not, you can always redeem for yourself at a later date. 

    How many people are taught in each lesson? 
    Groups are typically one to three students for a land class. All water classes are one on one instruction unless you are using the buddy program. 

    What kind of kites and boards do you teach with?
    We will start you on trainer kite and then move you into the latest kites specifically designed for kiteboarding schools. They are a bridle type kite (SLE). We do not teach with "C shape" kites unless specifically asked to do so. We pair these up with the best light wind boards on the market from Core Kites. They are larger and will help you learn proper board control preventing you from picking up bad habits. This combination will have you kiteboarding sooner and happy that you learned with 321 Kiteboarding.

    Where are lessons taught?
    321 Kiteboarding School teaches lessons at different locations throughout Central Florida (Brevard County). With locations ranging from Titusville to Cocoa Beach and Melbourne. Your instructor will give you detailed directions to the location or you will meet us at our home base store and school on  State Road 520 in Cocoa Beach.

    What do I need to bring to the lesson?
    Sunblock, hat, sunglasses, booties (water shoes), swim suit or wetsuit in winter, towel, lunch and lots of water.

    Will I be certified?

    Who or what is IKO?
    International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) provides a high-quality level of teaching with standards that are recognized and applied worldwide.

    The IKO's mission is to develop and promote the safe practice of kiteboarding in relationship with national organizations and the industry. It is not only dedicated to the continual development of kiteboarding by enhancing quality standards, but also by creating interaction between all parties involved in the development of the sport, for the benefit of all. Thanks to its status, it can adapt to the needs of an international market and to the local kiteboarding practices. 

    Who is PASA?
    Professional Air Sports Association (PASA) work with kiteboarding associations, schools, manufactures, and organizations to help establish widely accepted standards of instruction for schools.  They help promote safe teaching standards.  PASA is similar to IKO, but on an national level.

    Why learn how to kitesurf in Cocoa Beach Florida?
    Taking kiteboarding lessons in Florida's shallow, flat water makes it faster to learn. Not to mention it's about the warmest spot you can find in the U.S. We understand that you may be planning to learn during a family vacation and Cocoa Beach provides lots for the family to do. With world famous Kennedy Space Center mere miles away and some of the best beaches in the world, everyone can find something to do while you are enjoying your lessons. Plan your kiteboarding vacation in Cocoa Beach here.

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    Can I do my own repairs?
    Yes! We can get you just about anything you need to get your gear back in shape and back on the water.  Most kiteboarding repairs, from bladders to canopy, can be fixed by you right in your living room with a few simple steps and inexpensive parts available here.  Find more detailed info in our How-To section.