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How To Get Started

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So how can you can get started with kiteboarding? Or is Kiteboarding for you? These are the questions most people are asking and we have a bunch of information to help you make those decisions. Preparing yourself with the knowledge and basics is a really good place to start.

Wind Window

Wind Direction

Kite Sizes

Trainer Kite Practice

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We have an awesome course that covers all these basics the First Saturday of Every Month.  4 hours of fun and learning for only $39.99

Setting Up A Kite

Launching Your Kite

Can I Learn On My Own?

While you may be able to learn on your own we highly recommend against it. Would you jump out of your friends airplane without knowing anything about skydiving? Probably not! Not only for your safety and the safety of others around you, you will save time and money with kiteboarding lessons.

When taking lessons make sure your instructor has the proper tools to make the lesson a successful one. Jet-Ski's and Communication headsets can be a huge benefit to helping you progress much quicker!

Frequently Asked Questions