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"I stumbled onto 321 while I was looking for a place to start my adventure. My decision initially was purely financial. Their ground course was the least expensive option I could find. Once I was there I realized how lucky I was to be so cheap. Ro, who is the pack leader, taught the class. His passion for the sport was obvious from the get go. He is also a fantastic teacher. He couples a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience with the perfect amount of humor to keep it all interesting and educational. No pack leader is complete without his minions and Ro out did himself there as well. His staff is always helpful and informative (even the smart hot older chick). I can do nothing but sing high and heavy praise for all my 321 experiences. My instruction was always about my progress and never about the clock. My purchases were also "me-centric", meaning the advice I received was about matching my goal and my budget. Now 6 months in, I am still happy with every purchase and bit of advice I received from 321. As a final note, I have to say one of the things I love best about 321 is that everybody in that shop really works hard at fostering a sense of community among kite boarders. I feel very lucky to be a part of it! Thanks 321!" -- Dwain Rodgers 

"Ro's Ground School was an interesting class. He makes the class very interactive rather than giving a boring lecture about how to kiteboard. He shared plenty of funny and entertaining stories about his experiences with kiteboarding, which allowed us to get the best experience with kiteboarding and to not let us make the same mistakes he did when he was first starting the sport. During the class, he remembered certain facts about the students and was able to relate it to kiteboarding, which showed that he truly cares rather than just asking questions about people to simply ask questions. At the end of the day at the beach, Ro took extra time to answer all my questions and gave clear and honest answers. 10/10 would recommend his class." -- Anthony Le

"The staff at 321 Kiteboarding are fantastic! Super nice and extremely helpful. All questions were answered and none to spare. Ro taught us the basics of any kiteboarding experience with complete ease.  They have everything you need and more. Can't wait to kiteboard now!" -- Mitchell Bernstein