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Why Take Lessons

Do you really need Kitesurfing lessons?
It's the most frequently asked question and the answer is always, YES!
Take a kitesurfing lesson!
Kiteboarding is safe when you learn from a certified instructor.

Don't teach yourself like this guy!

He decided not take a lesson (read more about it here). You might be able to get up on a board on your own, but you won't be trained to avoid a situation like this, and know how to react. We'll teach you how to better utilize your 15 minutes of fame.


  • Would you skydive without lessons?

    • I sure hope not! You might be fine, sure, but if you don't know what to do if your chute doesn't deploy you're in trouble. And who can you ask when you are already in danger? Kiteboarding is really no different. If uninstructed, the danger begins as soon as the kite leaves the ground.  If you do not know how to safely disarm the kite you can quickly find out just how powerful a kite is. 
  • How would you feel if you launched a kite for the first time and hurt someone?

    • A kite can seem harmless, especially to a young child on the beach. If you hurt someone or yourself, it will be your most expensive lesson ever.  Not to mention, if someone gets hurt, there's a good chance kiting will become restricted on that beach. It is not a good way to make friends!
  • What are you really saving by learning yourself or having a friend teach you?

    • Do you value your time? With a professional certified kiteboarding instructor you will learn much faster. We use methods of teaching that have proven to be the fast and safe way to learn. You can watch beginners that have taken lessons ride proficiently months faster than an untrained student. With all the frustration you have put yourself through, you might loose interest in the sport.
  • What if you want to rent gear on vacation?

    • If you want to rent gear on vacation or ride in certain areas (such as Crandon Park in Miami, Florida), you will need to be either IKO or PASA certified. You will receive this certification at the end of your lessons with us.

  • Why abuse your equipment learning, when you can use ours?

    • All our lessons come with equipment use, so save the wear and tear for our gear.

Look, kiteboarding is fun and looks easy, but there's a lot more to it than people tend to figure. Regardless of how much experience you have as a pilot, windsurfer, wakeboarder, sailor, etc..., when your equipment fails, or things don't go as smoothly as you hoped, it will be too late. Help the sport stay safe and take a lesson.

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