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Wind Direction

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced riders - North (slightly offshore), East, North East, South East and South (slightly cross onshore).

The best winds for Cherie Down are NE or SE. An East wind is perfect if you want to do some Landboarding. To the North of the park, the beach is wide and flat.  This area of the ocean has the most shallow bottom making for easy to use waves and good spacing between sets. If you are new to ocean riding this is the place to start. 

Launch Area

The beach has plenty of room to rig, just make sure to stay North or South of the lifeguard tower and swim area.  You will need to rig your kite outside of these areas.

Riding Area

It's the Atlantic Ocean, you can go just about anywhere you want.

Water Conditions

When the wind blows you typically have at least thigh high waves and chop.  The waves are very crumbly when small, with little to no harsh shore break. The times when the swell is on and the waves get big along the Cocoa Beach / Cape Canaveral shores, Cherie Down Park will reward you with smaller, cleaner and easier to manage breaks. 

Safety and Rules

Stay out of the Lifeguard and swim areas (usually only a couple hundred feet either side of the tower). Respect surfers (they have to work hard and paddle out after all).  Stay south of Port Canaveral inlet and you should have a great time.