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Used 2013 North Rebel 9m (With Bar)


This kite is in great condition and comes complete with a bar. It is great for jumping, has a large wind range and is powerful and quick.The 5th line bar makes it easy for relaunching and one of the safest kites on the market. Great for any rider whether you are doing your first board starts or working on tricks. 

On the Water: The Rebel is an extremely stable kite, especially straight overhead. We tried to make the Rebel overfly and stall, but every time the lines began to slack, the Rebel would back up and remain rock solid.

This is a big plus for beginners or people who fly in gusty winds. The Rebel turns smoothly and predictably, but there is a slight lag time for it to respond when initiating turns, at the beginning of a power stroke for example.

The Rebel’s bar pressure is medium and the kite doesn’t seem to lose much power through turns. Impressively, the Rebel still handles very well even when extremely depowered. Upwind performance is very good, especially for a kite this stable and the Rebel offers plenty of jumping performance.

In the waves, the Rebel drifts downwind very well and remains stable, but is a little slow to start turns when the kite has little power. Because of its stability, the Rebel is very forgiving, allowing the kite to remain flying even if you make huge mistakes. read more here