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Crazyfly Pro Pads with Quick Fix II Standard Straps


The 2014 Crazyfly QuickFix II Pads and Straps are the Number 1 choice for a comfortable, super cush, strap and pad kit that is very easy to mount and remove, adjust, and will last and last.

This year they're a step ahead of the competition again with several Color options now for truly customizing your board.  You want a Black board with easy to see Orange or Green pads?  Done.  You wish your white pads were green like the rest of the board?  No problem.  

The toe ridge and shape of the pad locks your foot in better than any other pad on the market.  Dual Density EVA pads provide incredible long lasting support.  Unlike its competitors, these pads won't mash down and become hard after months of use.

Crazyfly Pro Pads
The incredibly popular Crazyfly Pro (Dura) Pads have been tweaked to provide the most comfortable kiteboard footpad out there while maintaining strength and cohesion even after seasons of use.  New and improved toe grip, enhanced arch support, and the ability to fine-tune stance angle make the pro pad the nubmer one choice.  Super light-weight Dual Density EVA foam padding provices all the support you could ever ask for, and it lasts!  While other top brands mash down after several uses, the Crazyfly Pro Dura Pads last session after session, for season after season. 

Crazyfly Quick Fix II Straps
The Crazyfly QuickFix II straps are still very light weight and very simple to micro-adjust with velcro.  Because you can take out the end-blocks on both sides, it's always a snap to put these on a board without having to fold, compress, hold, and strain the strap in a curved shape while trying to screw it in at the same time.  And you can then make the size adjustments from both sides to center the padding where you want it.   

Boards compatible with Quickfix II Straps:

2016-2018 2015 2014 2013-2012 2011
Allround Elite Raptor LTD Raptor LTD Raptor LTD
Cruiser Raptor LTD Raptor Pro Raptor Pro Raptor Pro
Cruiser LW Raptor Pro Shox Custom Shox Custom Shox Custom
  Shox Custom Shox Green Bulldozer Shox LTD
  Shox Green Girls Girls Bulldozer
  Girls Girls Pro Girls Pro Girls
  Allround Allround Allround Allround
  Cruiser Pro Cruiser Pro Cruiser Pro Cruiser Pro
  Cruiser LW Cruiser LW Cruiser LW Cruiser LW