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2014 North X-Ride

The X-Ride has been the best selling board in the range for some time now, and with good reason. It is the most versatile board in our range, offering the perfect ride for whatever you want to do on the water. This year it has been completely redesigned and uses a totally new construction. In recent years boards have been getting longer and longer, the new X-Ride can be ridden 3cm longer than you would normally chose. The extra length results in more rocker and a straighter outline which gives the rider vastly improved ride quality and early planing characteristics. They also have more grip in the water and better control in choppy conditions. This new shape and length combine with the specially designed freeride fins to give you unsurpassed upwind performance and grip. Whether you are into freeriding, big air, freestyle or smashing waves the X-Ride will deliver. Being so good at carving makes it especially fun in the waves and lots of riders enjoy playing in the surf on the X-Ride. The X-Ride is the ultimate all round kiteboard, happy doing whatever you decide to do. Waves, freestyle, freeride, choose the X-Ride and ride the way you want, when you want.