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2014 Nugget


2014 and 2015 Nugget are the same great board, only difference is the color change!

If you have never ridden a Nugget you are missing out, there is a good reason why this board is one of our bestselling surfboards, it’s FUN! The Nugget is happy on flat water, or ripping up small waves, the flat rocker line and wide outline help it to be one of the first boards to get going in light winds too. The secret to the Nugget’s success is the clever double concave bottom shape, which provides excellent drive and light wind ability. In the waves the V in the nose and tail help to make it exceedingly manoeuvrable and you’ll be amazed with how easy the board is to carve. Add a Nugget to your collection; you’ll never have a wasted journey to the beach again! 

  • Lightwind and small waves
  • Most fun in “bad conditions”
  • Early planing & Top upwind performance
  • Convenient size for travelling
  • Bamboo Tech construction
  • Quad fin