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2015 Best Session Pro

The Shifty Pro and the Session Pro are the most innovative and performance oriented kite surfboards released by Best to date. Using the latest in surfboard technnology, we are able to create the highest performance kite surfboard

The high density poly blank combined with the patented Innegra S glass creates one of the most durable custom made kite surfboards on the market. With the look and feel of a hgih performance surfboard, and construction to take on the demands of kiting, the Shifty Pro and the Session Pro are the most badass kite surfboards available.

Sized and shaped to work in every condition, the Shifty Pro and the Session Pro are wave riding machines; from firing point breaks, to onshore mushburgers, these two shapes cover it all.

  • Hand Shaped, Kitesurf board using the latest in construction technology for unmatched performance
  • Innegra S-Glass top sheet created the ultimate combination of strength and response
  • Futures fins for customizable hold/drive/mobility
  • Advanced materials and construction technology, reinforcement for maximum drive, flex and durability
  • 6 oz fiberglass/6oz Innegra on top. Standard 6 oz on bottom to maintain surfboard feel
  • Size 5’11 x 19” x 2.12”