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2015 Core Choice

Boots or Straps – You choose 

Power and pure dynamics – the Choice delivers on all the advantages provided by the unique CARTAN® carbon. No other carbon fibre construction produces the same level of brutal torsional flex. This makes the Choice the first choice when it comes to radical freestyle and wakestyle. You can choose whether you want to ride with boots or straps. The aggressively contoured tips provide endless control, no matter whether you’re riding with or without fins or if you’re pulling off hardcore wakestyle moves, radical rotations or in the obstacle park.

When it comes to radical maneuvers you need a board with perfect control. With the combination of aggressive bottom contours, an extremely durable hard-wearing construction method, and high-tech CARTAN® carbon fibre, the Choice offers the maximum level of explosiveness.

Sick rocker for boots. The bottom contour of the Choice features a strong rocker line. This aggressive curve in the rocker is perfect for hardcore freestyle and wakestyle with boot bindings.

Extreme grip. Thanks to deep channel contours, the bottom of the tips provide directional stability. The two outer channels run parallel to the rails along the entire length of the board and provide the board with noticeably better grip.

Bombproof grip whether for boots or straps. The high-alloy V4A stainless steel inserts are anchored into a massively reinforced base plate in the top deck. A total of three stance positions are available.


Pure dynamics. The wood core, made from solid Paulownia rods, is responsible for the very lively and dynamic character of the Choice. A sophisticated 3D-contour is etched into the wood core during a unique production process.


Perfect integration of flex and rigidity. The optimized diamond-shaped cutouts in the tip regions of the wood core reduce the weight of the board and increase the torsional flex.
High end EVA pads, that fit any foot size perfectly due to the easily adjustable loops, result in great comfort and board control, which in turn allows for a very precise glide and edge feel.

Hardcore freestyle requires small fins as the board needs to be loose enough to allow for intuitive, instantaneous switches to complete rotations or to recover from a less than ideal landing.

optional upgrade:

1.1" G10 WAKE FINS

Extremely loose and perfect for wakestyle. The 1.1“ fins, which are available as an option, are an exciting compromise between the small (standard) 1.4“ fins or riding without fins.