Core GTS3 LW

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There are very few sports like kitesurfing where only a small amount of wind is required to enjoy yourself and our newly designed GTS3 lightwind, that's available in 15 and 17 sqm, makes life even easier. Responding to just the lightest of breeze, with speed and agility, it will let you enjoy yourself in less than perfect light wind conditions and put a smile all over your face. 

The GTS3 Lightwind gives a playful and freestyle type ride. The Lightwind is not just a scaled up version of the GTS3 and although the kite has been designed around the light weight three strut chassis and technology of its smaller siblings, there are fundamental changes, such as a lower profile, rounder tips, thinner tubing and the use of  CORE's patented lightweight material CoreTex® Light.

In light winds, every gram of weight counts. The 3-strut design has distinct advantages. With two less struts it makes the kite not only lighter but gives greater flexibility, which in turn allows for a quicker rider  to kite response. An important feature for the larger lightwind kites.

Our patented aerodynamic fabric 'CoreTex®' has been redesigned specially in a light weight version. This makes the GTS3 LW extremely lightweight, without compromising durability. The high-tech fabric is manufactured to a strict production technique, using a special three layer coating which ensures UV protection, strength and ultimate durability.


The LW version of the GTS3 has a much flatter flight profile, allowing the kite to accelerate faster and produce its own wind, which is converted into additional propulsion. This design also allows for reduced wind resistance and unwanted lateral tension resulting in both Lightwinds going extremely well and effectively upwind.


The GTS3 Lightwind has thinner tubes than the smaller kites in the GTS3 range and benefits from this in three different ways. Firstly the tubes have been designed using less material, so therefore less weight. Secondly the tubes are thinner making the kites more flexible, which in turn allows for a quicker response time to a rider's command and thirdly the tubes have been redesigned and adapted to have an optimum flight profile, which in turn lets you go upwind even earlier and effectively.


We have reduced the heavier Dacron material to just a few areas in the tips, a small area behind the leading edge and also on the trailing edge. Basically all areas that are considered to need special protection during launching and landing.


A real comfort feature of the Speed Pump System is the new Speed Valve 2. You’ll be able to pump up your GTS3 Lightwind in a significantly shorter time as well as being able to deflate the kite in seconds. This is a huge advantage with the bigger Lightwind kites and is made possible because the pump hose is able to be placed inside the Speed Valve 2, which allows the air to flow through, the almost three times bigger valve diameter, without restriction.


  • Improved Speed Pump System with the new Speed Valve 2
  • Quicker inflation
  • Deflate in seconds
  • Compatible with the standard pump hose

The GTS3 LW features the proven CORE Speed Pump System:

The tube is positioned in a service friendly manner – tight and streamlined with the fabric.

Our philosophy is that you should have the maximum amount of enjoyment for the longest period of time with all our products, whilst also being able to completely rely on them.  This philosophy is realised in the selection and processing of materials.

Only the highest quality materials are used, such as the new CoreTex® Triple Ripstop fabric. This is a high performance material with a unique manufacturing process. Single fibres are first coated before they are woven and then finally heated to achieve the perfect finish. This ensures that every single fibre strand is sealed so it doesn't absorb water, even after prolonged use. The triple security fibre of the Ripstop material makes the fabric not only tear resistant but noticeably more durable too.

You can feel the quality and vigor of the material when you pick up the kite lines. All the lines and pulleys on the kite are 'Made in Germany'. We develop and produce them in conjunction with our German partner Liros. Liros lines are renowned, in flying sports, for consistent perfection of their production, reliable stiffness, abrasion resistance, kink resistance and safety.