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2015 Core Ripper 2


'Wave kiting is one of the purest forms of kite surfing', a fact that is recognised at most kiting spots around the world. Waves allow us to experience the pure turning and carving sensations that lie at the heart of the surfing experience. But not all turns are created equal. For those particularly intense moments, at the bottom of the wave face or up on the lip, a unique board is required that is both lively and dynamic with a finely tuned shape. Unfortunately, new modern sandwich constructed boards limit this experience.  

As a result we have deliberately opted to return to a classic fiberglass construction method and have tapped into the decades of experience that Carved possess. The result is the brand new Ripper 2. Whether you’re in wind waves or down the line on clean reef waves, strapped or strapless, the Ripper 2 is the perfect All-rounder. It's a classic wave board that gets closer than ever before to the root of kite surfing - Or should that be the 'CORE' of kite surfing.



A multi-layer optimally fine-tuned process, utilizing high-tech resins and specially arranged glass fiber fabric, forms the shell. This not only gives the board that classic look, but more importantly it’s the best way to build a defined shape that has that lively surf-esque feeling.



The Ripper 2 is available in five sizes. The shape is that of a classic short board with a pronounced rocker that enables the Ripper 2 to perform in nearly any surf conditions. Not only does It provide tight turns and a lot of control in the chaotic wind waves of the North and East Seas, but it also excels in sick reef waves with smooth flow and hard aggressive turns.


A visible wooden stringer runs down the length of the board. This allows for greater vertical stability whilst retaining the right amount of flex which results in the lively feel that this surfboard displays. A second horizontally laid stringer forms the base for the strap inserts and together with the laminate and carbon layers, they make up the upper deck of the Ripper 2. This construction method results in the Ripper 2 being extremely durable.



The back foot area of the Ripper 2 is massively strengthened by the addition of a carbon fiber layer, as kitesurfing places a lot more strain and pressure on this area than traditional surfing, and has also been specifically strengthened to increase resistance and longevity.




A classic Polyurethane Core with a continuous wooden stringer ensures that volume is perfectly matched to the shape. The interplay with the rails results in the Ripper 2 being able to carve incredibly smooth turns.



The Thruster, or three fin setup, is the classic fin set up. The symmetrical central fin is supported by two asymmetrical out side fins, which allows for an optimum combination of board control and a loose surfing feeling in the waves.



The FCS II System is the world standard of fin systems – both in surfing as well as kitesurfing. The FCS setup is available worldwide – even in the smallest surf stores. The fins of the Ripper 2 therefore deliver the best performance whilst also guaranteeing reliable replacement parts.



Up for anything. A horizontally laid stringer with V4A stainless steel inserts is laid flat, with the laminate and carbon fiber layers on the top deck, making it extremely sturdy. The Ripper 2 can therefore be ridden strapless or with the high quality Dakine strap sets – which are included.


The finely designed cut nose is the hallmark of the Ripper 2. It not only looks cool, but more importantly is significantly more durable and resistant than a pointy board nose. With the Ripper 2 you can spend less time worrying about bodily harm!