2015 Crazyfly Girls Pro

Comes in size 135x41

You can really load up this board and it just explodes when popping you up in the air.

Flex on the board increases from the center towards the tips. This technology provides natural flex of the whole board and balanced pop.

Kevlar is a high strength and low weight composite material used in military and space industries. This high-tech material provides extra strength and pop for the boards, which are designed for freestyle and wakestyle.

The Girls Pro has been changed from top to bottom. On the bottom, the new Girls Pro received a Quattro concave in the middle section of the board. The Quattro concave shape provides superior edging, comfort, and softest landings. Towards the tips, the Quattro concave changes into Hexa concave for more stiffness and ultra load ‘n’ pop. We completely changed the insert set up on the Girls Pro. The inserts are now centrally lined up for the ultimate wake binding set up.

As the name suggests, this board is aimed at expert ladies, looking for a high performance board with loads of pop.  It is one of very few high performance girl-specific freestyle boards on the market. Everything on this board is custom tailored for the needs of girl riders, this includes an optimized stance, girl-specific graphics, as well as a flex and pop engineered with women in mind.

The Girls Pro has Uni Directional Kevlar construction combined with Multiaxial Fiberglass, which inclines the board more towards freestyle. However, with this layup, the board is well balanced and not too stiff. Pull this all together and you get an amazing board for girls’ freestyle competitions and for aggressive riding, all in a beautifully designed package.

The Girls Pro board is designed for girls who are looking for a high performance freestyle board with a lot of pop that is certain to set them apart from the pack.

The Girls Pro comes with 3.0 cm G10 fins.