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2015 Crazyfly Sculp

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What We Say: 
We have always been pleasantly surprised by the quality and style that Crazyfly brings to the table. European design and functionality shine through with every single one of their products.  The Sculp is no exception.  Super versatile kite that can be your first kite and grow with you through wave riding or freestyle aspirations.  Combine it with the super simple and clean "Sick" Bar and you have a Crazy Fly Combo!

What They Say:
The CrazyFly Sculp is an incredibly versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. The Sculp delivers consistency in all riding disciplines. Built around a widely popular Flat-Delta platform, the Sculp is smooth and predictable in the air with progressive power delivery through the bar's range of motion. Due to a new bridle system and rock solid construction, the Sculp has a very direct feel and persistent stability. The ease of use is unbelievable, leaving even the most particular riders feeling right at home in no time. Sticking to our tradition of producing high quality products, we sourced only the highest quality Dacron from Germany and Ripstop from Japan for the construction of the 2015 model.

In the air, the new Sculp looks and feels very fresh. The shape, bridle, and construction are extremely solid, so there are no problems handling gusts and strong winds. The focus here is freeride and freestlye, so we made the shaping give enhanced upwind performance as well. With a more direct feel, the 2015 Sculp is also very easy to control for beginner and intermediate, but the new shape generates loads of power with quick response for kite loops and big airs in the hands of more advanced riders. This is a perfect tool for progressing from simple jumps to unhooked freestyle tricks, and the auto-relaunch will make the learning process much smoother. The relaunch is even easier than its predecessors, and the kite sits nicely on the edge of the window with neutral power, ready to pop back into the air automatically after the rider's input.

321 Go:
European design and allround freedom make this a great first kite, or build a whole quiver.

321 No Go:
Although their kites may be newer to the scene, sometimes it is good to be the leader, you won't regret it.