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2015 Crazyfly SICK Bar


 What We Think:
 This is a simple, clean, sick bar.  It doesn't get any easier than this.  With its competitively low price and high value features, it makes a great first kiteboarding bar, or a replacement for any brand.

What They Say:
The 2015 CrazyFly CSick Bar features new upgrades including PU tubing over the depower line to reduce wear and tear and a new ClamCleat for depower. New European Dyneema flylines top it off and maintain the Clean & Simple ideal that is the foundation for the Sick Bar.

There is a new 40cm size this year as well, in case you need a good depowerable bar for small inflatable trainer kites, or 3 or 4 meter kite sizes. Continuing with the high-quality basis of design, the 2015 sick bar still has an aluminum center insert, monocoque (single, solid piece) carbon bar, the new "all-in-one" bar end/floats from 2014, ergonomic bar grip, sheathed leaders to prevent twists and wear, and redesigned Sick Click safety release system with new Stainless Steel interior mechanics for fluid release motion under tension.  The 2015 CrazyFly Sick Bar has also received (again) an International Safety Certificate according to AFNOR NF S52-503 by Bureau Veritas certification, making it one of the safest bars on the market today.