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2015 Humanoid Howl Boots

      • What We Say:
        We ride just about anything here in the (321).  Spoiled with both surf and flat water, we never miss a chance to throw down some steeze with these sick boots.  We love the ease of entry with the low cut boot opening and simple velcro closures. Good flex and support round out the Howl as our favorite for freestyle and Park sessions.

        What They Say:
        Like your favorite pair of skate shoes, the Howl offers user friendly versatility, durability, and a style unlike any other. An entirely new V Fly strap tightening system allows for quick boot entry. Strategically placed D rings on the lower straps control foot security while the upper straps maintain ankle support - all with a single tug. A custom Dupont nylon glass mixture injected into our Smart Toof binding chassis maintains unmatched rigidity and structural integrity. EVA Flight Foam liners offer premium shock absorption, comfort, and keep things as cushy as they look. Available in sand/camo & black/blue.

        321 Go:
        Simple, easy, comfortable and full of good flex.

        321 No Go:
        Lower velcro lace can be a bit short in some sizes.  Not a huge deal, just means you need to pull it a bit more snug to ensure a locked down strap.

      • Smart Toof Technology Vertical Teeth Stance System
      • Smart Toof Technology is the foundation of our binding program. We simplified stance adjustments and angled the chassis teeth vertically to completely eliminate loose screw binding wobbles while riding. This patent pending technology provides for most secure boot to board mounting system to date.
      • The Howl Flight Foam Liner
      • All the comforts you need while taking flight without any of the excess baggage. Flight Foam is our secret for producing some of the lightest EVA moldable liners on the market. Flight Foam features anatomically contoured footbeds, molded liner tongues, and J bars for snug ankle support where you need it. Those barnacle ridden feet of yours will be flying first class.
      • V Fly
      • Our insanely fast Velcro tightening system. V Fly Straps give you effortless entry and a snug fit inside & out. Tighten the lower inside liner and outer shell with a single pull across the ankle. Increase ankle support with an optional velcro strap across the boot collar and eliminate any unwanted ankle movement.The Howl Crash Panels
      • You’re not learning if you’re not crashing. Crash Panels help minimize aches, pains, and pinches that correspond with wakeboarding. Our EVA molded heel and tongue panels stretch at common points of hyper flexion to help with tweaks making big airs and hard crashes easier on the feet.
      • Swamp Foot Drainage System
      • Water logged boots can feel like cement shoes. Tiny holes located in the toe, heel, and directly underfoot quickly drain water and aid in boot moisture & temperature control. Don’t let your feet smell like hot garbage Your significant other will thank us. Z Bar & Bottomless Belly Chassis
      • Assembled from a unique mixture of Dupont® nylon & glass, our rigid Z-bar across the middle of each baseless binding chassis eliminates boot lift and torsional twisting. Create more leverage from your toes and ankles for improved board response.