2015 North Juice Demo

  • Narrow arc combined with wide wing tips for super fast turning
  • Maximum stability in the air, even in light wind
  • Consistent, linear sheet and go power delivery
  • Quick and easy depower
  • Great low-end wind range
  • Lightweight construction

In the spirit of keeping things fresh, we’d like to introduce you to the new Juice! When we designed the kite we had a set of goals to achieve, it had to be fast, fly upwind with ease and deliver smooth power in the lightest of winds. Traditionally big kites haven’t managed to achieve these things; large race kites have the power but not the handling, large airstyle kites have good wind range but are often slow to turn. We’ve managed to infuse the great handling of a small three-strut kite with the power and efficiency of our bigger race kites, but in a simpler, easier to handle package.

Built around a three-strut platform we’ve created a light wind kite that is fast, efficient and exiting to fly. It’s the perfect antidote to those summer days when the wind doesn’t quite deliver. Don’t be left standing on the beach, get out there and improve your skills with the new, totally refreshing Juice from North Kiteboarding.