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2015 North Nugget TT


Already the second season the 5’2” Nugget is also be offered in the brand new North Kiteboarding Tough Technology construction. Tough Technology is the new moulded technology that utilizes a super tough top sheet similar to that used in North Kiteboarding twintips to create an incredibly durable skin that is remarkably resistant to dings and scratches. In short, the 5’2” Tough Technology Nugget offers the same great Nugget shape in a super durable construction! Same like its brother, the Nugget TT is a great light wind wave board, which allows you to have fun in waves even if conditions are not amazing. It´s easy to do your first steps strapless and even on flat water it will put a smile on your face due to the planing performance and the upwind strength. Rough conditions – tough technology! 

  • Lightwind and small waves
  • Most fun in “badconditions”
  • Early planing & Top upwind performance
  • Convenient size for traveling
  • “Tough Technology” construction
  • Quad fin
5'2" X 21" X 2 3/8" 28.9L 60–85