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2015 North Spike Textreme


If you are looking for the ultimate light wind weapon with amazing low-end performance, the Spike TeXtreme is the answer! The board takes all the characteristics of the Spike 153 and incorporates the TeXtreme® Carbon construction that North Kiteboarding have been perfecting over the last 5 years. The result is the most responsive and agile light wind board on the market. The board is 20% lighter than the standard version, close your eyes and you’ll swear you are riding a smaller board! In addition to this the Spike TeXtreme has some unique flex characteristics that allow it to plane really early, but also to deliver an impressive amount of pop, making it extremely fun to ride. The board will always be one of the first on the water, and it will amaze you with its upwind ability! The Spike TeXtreme uses the most advanced materials and construction techniques avail-able to ensure you get a superior board with amazing light wind abilities. 

  • Ultimate light wind weapon
  • Earliest planing in the range
  • Fantastic upwind performance
  • Textreme Carbon construction
153 46.5 >70 S-BEND FS 5.0