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2015 North Whip

What We Think:
When we first saw the new Whip, we said to ourselves, "Ourselves, what the heck did they do to our most favorit'est board!".  We continued to figure that someone over at North Kiteboarding had just gone crazy on cold medicine one night and really hacked up a board.  

All of that changed the moment we dove our kite and hopped on the deck of the whip.  All of the hype is well founded.  Great feel underfoot, in fact, you can't step anywhere on this board and not feel in complete control.  Don't even get us started on how it fly's upwind.  This is a surfboard designed for kiteboarders.  It surfs when you want it to, goes where you need it to, and will play in the flat stuff if you tell it to. So we are proud to say "Check out our new Whip".

What They Say:
The popular Whip from last year gets a radical redesign for 2015, yet it still delivers maximum performance in small to medium sized waves. The board features a wide stable platform making it easy to ride, but also helping it to maintain speed when on the wave. In choppy conditions the new cork shock absorber helps to smooth out the bumps and the rocker line and rail shape combine to give a very smooth ride. The Whip is easy to ride and designed to be forgiving and make you look good on the water. If new school strapless freestyle tricks are your favourite pastime, then the Whip offers excellent control and agility in the air, it will stick to your feet like glue. Make the easy choice, choose the Whip.
  • New shape (Compact Surf Concept)
  • Small to medium size waves & strapless freestyle
  • Tight bottom turns & Good grip
  • Early planing & Very forgiving
  • Best freestyle board
  • Bamboo Tech construction
5’4’’ X 17 3/4’’ X 2 1/8’’ 23.2L 50–70 TS-S
5’5’’ X 18 1/8’’ X 2 1/4’’ 25.4L 60-80 TS-M
5’6’’ X 18 1/2’’ X 2 3/8’’ 27.7L 70-90 TS-M
 321 Go:
Tons of grip and still keeps a surf feel.  Loads of volume for big riders or smaller kites
321 No Go:
Only comes in a thruster setting, doesn't double up as a prone board that well.