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2015 North X-Ride


The X-Ride is one of the best selling boards since years, many riders from all over the world love the way it handles on the water. The board is designed to be ridden about 3cm longer than a standard board. This gives you an increased rocker line, which makes the X-Ride really smooth, no matter how choppy the water is. The shape and length combine with the specially designed freeride fins to give you unsurpassed upwind performance and grip. The board is also perfect for carving smooth turns; plenty of riders use the X-Ride as their wave board. Fantastic for whatever style of riding you want to enjoy, waves, freeride, freestyle, the X-Ride can handle it all, it is the ultimate all round kiteboard! 

  • Most comfortable board
  • Best carving abilities
  • Massive grip
  • Very versatile
132 39 55-75 S-BEND FR 4.9
135 40 70-85 S-BEND FR 5.3
138 41 75–95 S-BEND FR 5.3
141 42 >85 S-BEND FR 5.3