2015 Pro Series

This year the Pro Series incorporates the new Compact Surf Concept making it shorter and more manoeuvrable. The new compact shape means there is far less swing weight when you ride the board. This gives you far more control when performing aerial tricks, but also improved handling when snapping off the tops of waves. In order so absorb radical Airs in freestyle waveriding, we build the Pro Series with a new Carbon- Innegra Sandwich construction. The deck features a double concave shape to fit your foot and allow your heel to be closer to the water allowing you to really command the board on the wave. Designed for advanced riders the Pro Series will excel in small to well overhead high waves. If you want the ultimate in high performance for your wave riding, accept no substitute and grab the Pro Series today. 

  • New shape (Compact Surf Concept)
  • Small to well over headsurf
  • Good rail grip
  • Fast bottom turn
  • Pop for airs
  • Carbon Innegra Construction
    5’6’’ X 17 1/2’’ X 1 7/8’’ 21.3L 55–75 TS-S
    5’7’’ X 17 7/8’’ X 2 1/16’’ 24.1L 70-90 TS-M
    5’8’’ X 18 1/4’’ X 2 3/8’’ 27L >85 TS-M
    2015 Pro Series has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.