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2016 Ion Apex


The 2016 Ion Apex is for the well rounded rider. It adds support no matter what your style is. It is known for quality, comfort and all around top performance.

Internal Flex Belt: It keeps your harness in place when riding unhooked.

X-Spine: An X-style shape that is thermo molded EVA protection designed to help protect your back without stiffening the harness.

Invisible_Seam: Ion wants the seams on their harness to be non existent. They have a smooth transition from the middle of the harness all the way to the rim of the neoprene.

Dual Density Foam: This is the internal thermo molded foam design that uses two different densities. The adaption area (middle zone) is soft while the Protection aread(Side zones) is more solid).

Cross_Link: This is a crossed over, reinforced webbing along the back of the harness that helps distribute the load.

 Torsion Free Construction: This is a reinforced and split design in the internal build of the harness. This helps give the harness flex in all directions.

Wrap Tec: With this technology the harness is able to be pre-shaped to fit perfectly around the riders body and allow for additional support in the areas its needed.

3D Zone: This is a partially 3D shaped area in the harness along the back in both a horizontal and vertical direction. It stops the harness from riding up.

Handle Pass Leash Slider: A slim sliding tube that runs along the back of the harness so the handle pass leash can slide freely from left to right. It has a new end stopper fitting.

Push Button Spreader Bar: Allows for a safe and easy release from the spreader bar.

Belt Garage: Now with neoprene pockets covering the buckles, the belt garage also has a protec-tive rubber patch that makes storing excess webbing sleek and easy.

Bar Keeper Belt: Keeps the spreader bar at a lower position by having multiple connections to the harness.

Kite Knife: It is always a safe idea to have a kite knife close by to cut kite lines if ever in an emergency.

Protection Pad:This is a fully molded protection pad for the spreader bar. It is light weight, less water absorbent, and adds extra cushioning along the spreader bar.

Split_Edge (New!): This is a divided buckle plate allows the harness to be close to your body but still transfer all forces equally throughout the plate.

Wire Tec (New!): This is a new patent pending line setup that runs along the back of the harness. It is designed to spread the load evenly and get rid of those irritating pressure points.

Floating_Buckle System (NEW!):This new feature allows the buckle to rotate horizontally or vertically and provides even more comfort to the harness.