Save some money on the most popular, best-built boardshorts of all time!  The 2016 simply changed the color.  Order now while they last.

These have been one of our favorite harnesses for being more comfortable than a traditional seat harness and way better for your back than a waist harness.  They have built in crash pads to keep you nice and safe for all the hard knocks that you may take while kiteboarding.  The engineering that went into the belt and spreader bar system is fantastic.  It keeps the load on the spreader bar even and prevents the bar from riding up.  

What Ion Says:

Boardshorts seat harness with reworked belt setup; flexible back area and webbing belt for perfect adjustment to any body-type; the only real boardshorts harness with a full-functional harness construction integrated; 3D shape; stylish boardshorts design; bar-webbing construction with Quickfit-Lever buckle setup; bungee handle; bungee butt adjustment area for a perfect fit; bar keeper belt for a save and secured bar position. 

2016 ION B2 HARNESS has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.