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2016 North Select


The Select sets the standards for freeride performance, incorporating the most advanced construction techniques and technology with a fast, dynamic shape. It is the lightest, fastest and most responsive kiteboard in the range and is perfect for freeride and freestyle riders looking for the ultimate machine to take their riding to the next level! At the same time the board is fast and responsive, it is also exceedingly easy and forgiving to ride, due to the slightly softer flex characteristics. The board is constructed using Textreme Carbon which is 30% lighter than a standard carbon weave. This material offers superior flex and durability characteristics, whilst making the board extremely direct and responsive on the water. The Select utilises a new 2 Channel mono concave underside using smaller fins to improve its early planing characteristics with same grip and features a new embossed logo on the deck. The Select is the ultimate kiteboard, it is as simple as that… 

132 39 55-75 S-BEND FS 4.2
135 40 70-85 S-BEND FS 4.6
138 41 75–90 S-BEND FS 4.6
141 42 >85 S-BEND FS 4.6