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2016 North Spike


When the wind doesn’t blow the Spike is the board you need to get riding! Available in three sizes for various wind conditions and rider weights there is a Spike to suit everyone. The largest board in the range, the 163 offers the best lowend performance and fantastic upwind ability in the lightest of winds and for the heavier riders. The next size down, the 153 offers a more freeride feel with slightly less lowend ability, being short yet still keeping a wide outline enables it to feel dynamic on your feet while you are riding. It is great for boosting big airs and rotations as well as airstyle tricks in light winds. The smallest board in the range the 141 is designed to be a lightwind freestyle and freeride machine. It offers amazing pop with a fast top speed, but will get going much quicker than most freestyle boards out there. It’s also great for the smaller riders looking for a dynamic lightwind board to ride. We have a lot of riders who use the Spike on inland lakes where the wind can be gusty; this board excels in these conditions and is perfect for those spots where the wind is light. With the Spike in your quiver you can make every trip to the beach count! 

141 44.5 >65 S-BEND FS 5.0
153 46.5 >70 S-BEND FS 5.0
163 46.5 >75 S-BEND FS 5.0